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New Data Scientist Certification Program Sets Standards for Big Data Professionals

Today’s IP news roundup highlights some of the latest headlines in big data, network security and more:

  • To help meet the need for qualified data scientists, the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) has launched a Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) program. According to InformationWeek, “The CAP exam covers the entire analytics process: from the formation of business and analytics problems through the unique challenges of big data, to methodology and model selection, and finally through deployment and lifecycle management.” So far, 44 data scientists have received certifications through the CAP program. However, another 250 are expected to write exams within the next six months. For more information on the CAP program, see InformationWeek.
  • Security devices aren’t always secure. Ben Williams, consultant with NCC Group, conducted an investigation into security devices. According to eSecurity Planet, “Williams found that many of the network security gateway devices he tested had security shortcomings that could potentially enable an attacker to perform all manner of malicious activities on a vulnerable network.” Williams “found vulnerabilities in four out of five security gateway products from major vendors” and discovered that many of these security devices were poorly configured and had insecure web applications. For more information, see eSecurity Planet.
  • The cloud can’t protect you from yourself. A Riverbed article explored the fine line between what is your cloud provider’s responsibility and what is your responsibility when it comes to protecting your data. According to the article, “As a cloud user, the responsibility is squarely on your shoulders to make sure your data can be restored if something goes wrong.” This is because “most well-known cloud service providers have built their offerings with redundancy and reliability in mind, but very few provide archival backup as a core, included service. In most cases, they provide the capability to perform backups that protect your data from corruption, but that capability may not be configured. In other cases, there might not even be a capability to perform these backups”. For more information on protecting your cloud data, see the Riverbed article.    
  • According to ITWeb VoIP, global VoIP fraud is on the rise. This not only can result in your company paying for someone else’s calls, but it also has the potential to shut down your operations. ITWeb VoIP has outlined a list of ways to protect yourself from VoIP hackers. The blog recommends that you “lock out administrative access ports after three successive invalid access attempts” and “check endpoint targets for keyed entry and time-out transfers in call dispensation mailboxes and auto attendants.” For more tips on protecting your business VoIP system, see ITWeb VoIP.
  • And finally … CloudTweaks has published a comic series called “The Lighter Side of the Cloud”. If you want a good laugh, be sure to check out these comics.  

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