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More Than 70% of Big Data Adopters Struggle to Gain Control of Their Information

Today’s IP news roundup highlights some of the latest headlines in big data, unified communications and more:

  • Big data adopters face data overwhelm. According to the Experian QAS blog, big data adopters are collecting so much information that they are struggling to find the gems that will help them achieve benefits such as improved efficiencies and enhanced IT security. The article states that more than 70% of “decision makers that participated in the Business Application Research Center (BARC) Big Data Survey 2012/2013 said that the information in their databases was growing exponentially and they needed to gain control of it.” The article advises that big data adopters put strong data quality measures in place to avoid basing decisions on inaccurate data. For more information on big data overwhelm, see the Experian QAS article.  
  • Spending on unified communications and collaboration (UCC) is set to rise, but IT decision makers may be spending blindly. According to new research from Dimension Data Group, enterprise IT decision-makers will spend $53 million on services to support UCC over the next two years. This spending is driven by UCC benefits such as cost savings and increased employee productivity.  

However, the study also revealed that decision-makers are failing to assess their employees’ needs before they implement a UCC plan. “When we analysed the strategic approach that enterprises are taking towards UCC, the BYOD trend, the focus on mobilising UC and social collaboration, and aspirational goals to increase business agility, we were surprised that only 38% of large enterprises reported that they profiled their users,” says Craig Levieux, Dimension Data’s Group General Manager for Converged Communication. “Of those who don’t profile users, around 20% have simply not thought of doing it. More alarming is the fact that 21% believe their employees all have the same requirements, while 13% did not see the value in profiling.” For more information on why profiling is critical to UCC success, see the Dimension Data Group press release.

  • iMedia Connection published a list of the five most common big data screw-ups. According to the blog, one of the biggest mistakes is failing to use big data at all. Another mistake is not having an objective. The article states, “It is utterly vital to fully spell out and understand your objectives before diving into the big data realm. What do you really hope to accomplish?” The article stresses the importance of your personal objectives aligning with your company’s objectives. To learn about other major big data screw-ups, see the iMedia Connection article.  
  • And finally, SC Magazine announced the threat of the month: Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) vulnerabilities. According to SC Magazine, “The flaws in UPnP Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP), UPnP HTTP and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) can be exploited by attackers to crash the service and execute arbitrary code. The SOAP vulnerabilities also expose private networks to attacks and data leaks.” To protect yourself from UPnP vulnerabilities, SC Magazine recommends disabling UPnP from all external-facing or critical devices and scanning your network for vulnerable UPnP services. For more information on UPnP vulnerabilities, see the full SC Magazine warning.

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