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PCI Council Issues Cloud Compliance Guidelines

Welcome to today’s edition of the IP news roundup. Here are the latest headlines in cloud, big data and more:

  • The PCI Council took a big step in cloud security by releasing its DSS Cloud Computing Guidelines. According to an article on CIO, the guidelines are designed to clarify confusion about how to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in the cloud as well as give both cloud providers and customers a road map that outlines their security responsibilities in the cloud. The article quoted Chris Brenton, a PCI Cloud Special Interest Group contributor and director of security for CloudPassage, who said, “The original PCI DSS was written for a physical network, and some things really didn’t apply to the cloud … This new guidance has really gone through that and clarified things. It does a much better job.” For more information on the new PCI DSS cloud standards, see the CIO article.
  • A single unified strategy is needed to tackle mobile, cloud and big data. GigaOM argued that CIOs should not view mobile computing, cloud and big data as three separate problems, but as one problem with a single solution. According to the article, “It’s not a coincidence that the profile of these three business challenges rose in parallel. Mobile, big data, and cloud are not siloed concerns easily addressed in isolation. They exist in an overlapping matrix, where the importance of each issue increases because it leverages (or helps solve) an issue raised by one of the others.” For more information on taking a holistic approach to these huge technology trends, see the GigaOM article.  
  • Big data leads to big privacy concerns. A recent study by tech analyst firm Ovum revealed that 68% of people would use a do-not-track tool if it was easily accessible through a search engine. Meanwhile, only 14% of the 11,000 respondents believe that Internet companies are honest about their use of personal data. According to an article on PCWorld, “Ovum’s survey results point to trouble for online business models that rely on the collection of personal data, including targeted or behavioral advertising.” Changes in the way that data is collected must be made, especially as governments develop regulations to protect consumer data. For more information on the big data and privacy survey, see the PCWorld article.  
  • And finally … mobile, social and big data are changing how we look at analytics. The CIOL blog reported that “business intelligence (BI) and analytics continues to be a top CIO investment priority, and yet user surveys by Gartner Inc. show that only 30 per cent of potential users in an organization adopt CIO-sponsored analytics tools.” The article suggests that CIOs make the analytics “invisible” to the typical user. To do this, “business intelligence and analytics professionals should begin by identifying targeted data exploration and high-value decision-making opportunities where making analytics invisible, transparent, context-aware and accessible in real time to specific constituencies can add demonstrable value.” For more information on how mobile, social and big data are changing analytics, see the CIOL article.

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