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Prepare Your Cloud for Holiday Usage Spikes

Welcome to the Monday edition of the IP news roundup. Here are the latest headlines in big data, cloud and more:

  • Is your cloud ready for the holidays? A ZDNet article states that today will be the biggest online shopping day of the year, with 41% of consumers expecting to shop online. With this in mind, the article offers tips on how to prepare your cloud for the holiday usage spikes. One method it suggests is cloud bursting, or using temporary capacity from a cloud provider to augment your infrastructure. For more advice, see the ZDNet article.
  • An article on the Metropolitan Corporate Council blog explores the legal issues surrounding big data, especially the high costs of e-discovery and the legal help needed to sort through data. The article suggests defensible disposition as a means to address this “dark side” of big data. According to the article, “Using both the document retention policy and the legal hold inventory as inputs, an enterprise can now design a business process to prioritize and, in a systematic and transparent way, dispose of data that otherwise would be held in perpetuity.” The article also offers five steps for getting started with a defensible disposition program.
  • Cloud computing leads to immediate cost savings. stated that businesses can expect a number of benefits immediately after implementing cloud services, such as cost savings on hardware and utilities. These savings can allow businesses to quickly scale and better respond to changes in the market. For more drivers of cloud adoption, read the full CloudTweaks article.
  • Cloud has the potential to stabilize economies. A VentureBeat article reported on the University of San Diego’s Unlocking the Benefits of Cloud Computing for Emerging Economies study. The study stated that “cloud computing is keeping the cost of storing information down, and is making broadband faster as more people can access it. In combination, these two factors will enable people in the low- and middle-income bracket to enter into the competitive global economy.” For more information on how cloud can help emerging economies better share information and compete in the global market, see the VentureBeat article.
  • And finally … Is most big data “big garbage”? It can be, according to an article on the Business 2 Community blog. The article states that “even with the best algorithms and hardware, bad, junk or garbage data put in results in garbage information delivered.” The article suggests modernizing your data protection so you can differentiate between good data and bad data. For more information, see the Business 2 Community article.

What is your take on today’s news? Feel free to share your opinions below.

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