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Cyber security concept with lock

Simple hacks save IT security dollars: Zayo

IT security can feel like a never-ending battle — and enterprises are responding by throwing money at the problem. But Jamie Hari, Zayo’s director of cloud and security, challenges that notion at SecTOR with tips to move your security maturity forward at little cost.
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Vector concept internet of tings

Is Bluetooth mesh the answer to IoT growing pains?

Early adopters of the Internet of Things are discovering that along with its benefits are several pain points — from security to bandwidth issues. But brand-new mesh networking capabilities in the Bluetooth 5 wireless standard could ease some of these pains for network pros.
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urban informatization and network technology

Kansas City leads way in building smarter cities

But many U.S. cities are falling behind in the global smart city race — in part, because they don’t treat citizens like ‘customers.’ The National League of Cities offers some advice on how local governments can ensure their networks are ready for smart services.
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