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AI: Top use cases and business benefits

An IBM report shows that although artificial intelligence is now more accessible and user-friendly than it was three years ago, enterprise adoption may be moving more quickly than efforts to define what ‘responsible’ and ‘ethical’ AI looks like.
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future of work

Future of work: The Great Reflection

Whether you call it The Great Resignation, The Great Rotation or The Big Quit, it’s trend that’s causing many organizations to perform what Gartner is dubbing The Great Reflection. And that means they have to evaluate and reimagine the future of work.
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hybrid work

Hybrid work: Redesigning the work experience

Since work is no longer defined by physical location, designing the ‘perfect’ office setup isn’t going to cut it. Enterprises must now design a hybrid work experience that works for all employees in their organization, no matter where, when or how they do their jobs.
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