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Be a disruptor — not one of the disrupted

There’s a lot of talk about digital transformation, but turning that talk into action is one of the greatest challenges that businesses face today. And it requires a fundamental shift in how we run our businesses, according to Forrester Research. Here’s how to turn talk into action.
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UC&C gets real with virtual reality

If the thought of meeting with holographic colleagues in a virtual boardroom to collaborate on a project sounds like the stuff of sci-fi movies, that is, in fact, where we’re heading — and the technology isn’t light years away. Get ready for the emerging world of UC&C VR.
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Stock market chart internet banking concept

Fintech in early stages of mass adoption

Today, banks and fintechs are acting like comrades in innovation, not cutthroat competitors. But banks should be keeping tabs on the well-funded giants of the Internet; Google and Facebook have already gained the trust and loyalty of hundreds of millions of people.
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Businesswoman with big data virtual interface

AI takes big data to the next level

Industry gurus shared their thoughts on artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning at Big Data Toronto — and how they will allow you to use big data in ways that either weren’t previously possible or never occurred to you before.
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Ransomware Concept

Is AI the silver bullet for cybersecurity?

The three A’s — artificial intelligence, algorithms and automation — are game-changers when it comes to cybersecurity. But that doesn’t mean we should rely too heavily on AI (or on any one particular technology) in the fight against hackers and cyber attackers.
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Multiple exposure shot of a group of businesspeople brainstorming together superimposed on a city at night

How AI will transform unified communications

Artificial intelligence is already changing the way UC&C contact centre applications work today. But industry experts say it has far greater potential to streamline collaboration, reduce unnecessary clutter and proactively find solutions to common employee problems.
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Stock market chart internet banking concept

Get ready for the third wave of fintech

Big banks will partner with fintech startups as they face common competitors, such as the Googles and Apples of the world. These partnerships could be their salvation — and could drive a culture of innovation in the banking industry.
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