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Best Practices for SaaS Enablement

Recent studies have shown that more organizations are turning to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as an alternative to traditional on-premise deployment. A Tier 3 white paper helps organizations that are making the move by offering best practices for SaaS enablement. According to Tier 3, “We have...
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How to Avoid Enterprise Endpoint Backup Disasters

Since more organizations are moving their email to the cloud, the SearchCloudApplications blog has put together a list of 10 things to look for in a cloud email migration service provider. According to the article, you should find a partner with the right infrastructure. The article states,...
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How to Quickly Develop Mobile Apps

According to a Salesforce eBook, “The shift to mobile devices offers exciting new ways for businesses to engage with customers and employees quickly, continuously, and cost-effectively. And yet, many companies are struggling to take advantage of these opportunities. They worry about security and...
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Cloud Collaboration Best Practices

As more employees use their personal devices for work, you will need to ensure that your employees can collaborate across a number of devices while you keep your corporate data safe. Box has put together a Cloud Collaboration Knowledge Vault containing videos that cover topics such as building a...
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Make the Business Case for the Cloud

If you’re trying to make the business case for the cloud, you’ve probably run into at least one skeptic who doesn’t want to make the move. Whether they are concerned about costs, security or simply don’t understand what the cloud is, a Dell white paper - "How to Beat a Cloud Skeptic" –...
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SaaS and Cloud Best Practices

TechRepublic and ZDNet have joined forces to provide a variety of resources on cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS). According to TechRepublic, “[i]n five years, cloud computing has gone from a pariah in IT circles to one of IT’s favorite plays to run in certain situations. TechRepublic and...
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How Cloud is Impacting Businesses

Did you know that by 2014 cloud will have created 14 million more jobs and reduced worldwide data centre usage by 38%? This is because businesses are seeing the benefits of using the cloud to reduce downtime, achieve greater flexibility and realize cost savings. To learn about other ways the cloud...
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Wonder Where Your Data Is?

Mozy recently published an infographic that contains a number of interesting statistics on where the world’s data is being stored. Did you know that hard disk drives hold 52% of all stored data? Or that the world’s biggest data center (by square feet) is located in Chicago? This is a timely...
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