DDOS Attack

How to Survive a Cyber Attack

As cybercriminals become more sophisticated and aggressive, it will become more likely that someone will stage a targeted attack against your company. Reduce I! Second soap essay on my loving grandmother they a must stand-up. Concentration essay wrting service Individual think end: best essays...
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How to Make BYOD Secure

One of IT’s biggest challenges is keeping data secure while allowing users to access corporate information via a variety of devices. CDW’s comprehensive reference guide, “Securing BYOD”, offers data protection strategies and best practices. It covers everything from securing enterprise...
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Online security

How to Outsmart Cybercriminals

According to a Webroot white paper, “Cybercriminals have increasingly turned their attention to the web, which has become by far the predominant area of attack. Small wonder. Those who would do harm to our computer systems for profit or malice always manage to focus their efforts on our most...
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How to Protect Your Network Against Targeted Attacks

Intellectual property theft and cyber crime costs US businesses $338 billion annually. According to an Imperva ebook, “your organization is only as strong as your weakest link”, and “everyone is a target”. To help you better protect yourself, the ebook outlines eight steps you must take to...
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Securing BYOD image

How to Make BYOD Secure

CDW published a comprehensive reference guide, “Securing BYOD: Guidelines on the strategies and tools needed for a secure and productive bring-your-own-device program”. The guide covers everything from enterprise mobility management to what to look for in data loss prevention software. For more...
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mobile security image

CSO Guide to Mobile Security

Mobile is no longer a trend but a vital part of how we do business today. However, when employees use their mobile devices to access corporate data, they can put your network at risk. CSO has published an issue that is dedicated to mobile security and will show you how to protect your network while...
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making social media secure image

How to Make Social Media Secure

According to McAfee’s Securely Enabling Social Media report, “the financial loss associated with a social media security incident averages $2 million USD,” while large organizations lose an average of $4.5 million USD. The report outlines the pros and cons of using social media at work, as...
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Data loss image

The Truth About Data Loss

It seems like, every day, a major data breach makes headlines and new reports present conflicting research on data loss. McAfee’s new white paper, “Data Loss by the Numbers”, reveals the findings of an in-depth analysis of 386 data breaches. According to the investigation: External...
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Cybersecurity from A to Z image

Cybersecurity – From A to Z

As attacks become more sophisticated, organizations must use more advanced intelligence to protect themselves from threats. A Solarwinds white paper provides an overview of the latest types of attacks and offers a framework for ensuring that you are protected from even the most sophisticated of...
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[Study] The High Costs of Cybercrime

Ponemon Institute released the results of its 2012 Cost of Cybercrime Study: United States study, which sheds light on the real economic impact of cyber attacks. The study revealed that ““the average annualized cost of cyber crime for 56 organizations in our study is $8.9 million per year, with...
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Get Enterprise-Level Security on a Small Business Budget

In 2011, there was an average of 14 targeted attacks per day against small and medium businesses (SMBs). According to this Symantec article, “the risk to the overall livelihood of the SMB is much greater than the typically more protected enterprise. With less protection in place and less cushion...
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How to Secure Your Company’s iPads

With a growing number of employees using iPads other tablets to access business data, IT departments are looking for the best ways to keep these devices secure. Ziff Davis has published a white paper, “6 Steps to iPad Protection” that outlines how to control the massive amount of corporate data...
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