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Back to school resources for IT pros

Mobile and online technologies are shifting job-based training from a top-down model to self-directed career development that is personalized, flexible and continuous. Here are some alternatives if you lack the time, money or stamina to go back to college or university.
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BYOD and tech support

How BYOD Will Impact the Help Desk

According to Gartner, help desks will see a 25% to 30% decrease in calls from users thanks to BYOD. However, other reports have indicated that tech support skills are still in demand. With this in mind, Network World has put together some predictions on how BYOD will impact the help desk. According...
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Data Protection. Information Technology Concept.

2013 Technology Priorities [Survey]

According to TechTarget’s “Technology Priorities for 2013” survey, the top priority of IT managers is data protection. The survey of 3,282 global IT managers also revealed that server virtualization and network-based security are other key concerns. However, compliance also ranked high...
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Google Offers Windows XP End of Life Tips

On April 8, 2014, Microsoft is going to retire Windows XP – which means no more updates or security patches. If you are in the 31% of global Windows users who still rely on XP, you may face increased security and compatibility issues. A new guide from Google offers tips on how you can protect...
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Best Practices for Dealing with the End of Windows XP

During a recent Spiceworks webcast, IT professionals shared their plans for the end of Windows XP. The panelists represented a range of sectors, from finance to government agencies. They discussed the biggest problems they are facing during the transition, how they are keeping their sensitive data...
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How BYOD will impact IT imagge

How BYOD Will Impact IT

Gartner has revealed that 50% of employees are now using their personal devices for work and that 90% of companies will support corporate applications on mobile devices by 2014. With this in mind, NaviSite has published a white paper that explores how these changes will impact corporate...
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Post-PC world

Prepare for a Post-PC World

According to a Cisco report, “In the coming decade, the consumer will drive the configuration of personal technology within the organization, often, as many have already, by asserting their own device into the environment. This new reality of “bring your own device” (BYOD) has already...
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