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How the Cloud Simplifies Video Conferencing Complexity

Equipping your company with video conferencing can be a complex and costly project. According to Frost & Sullivan, “Expensive endpoints and infrastructure, complex management, and lack of interoperatbility have largely made video conferencing a loosely connected technology island with...
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Ensure a Smooth Unified Communications Rollout

Unified communications (UC) can give your business a number of benefits, such as increased efficiencies and improvements in collaboration. However, according to a Plantronics ebook, you must put an audio strategy in place to get the most ROI from this technology and drive higher adoption rates...
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How to Gain the Benefits of Collaboration

Research by Plantronics has revealed that 90% of enterprise workers spend some time away from the office. Meanwhile, only 56% of people work at a fixed desk for more than three days each week, and 17% don’t even come into an office for a full day. That’s why Plantronics has released...
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Unified Communications Lingo Defined

If you don’t know the difference between VoIM and VoIP, the Windstream Guide to Unified Communications Lingo can help. It covers the A-Z of unified communications jargon, so you will know what your IT managers are talking about when they throw out acronyms like “UCC”, “SRTP” and...
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How to Secure Your VoIP Systems

As more organizations turn to VoIP for benefits such as cost savings and enhanced collaboration, their security concerns are also rising. The Ziff Davis B2B white paper, “VoIP Security for Beginners”, outlines the most common types of VoIP security threats, such as spam and phishing. It also...
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