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See the big picture on IPv6 adoption

We’ve created an infographic that illustrates one of the biggest shifts in the way organizations and individuals will access Web sites. Get up to speed on the implications

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Even if the companies have enough IPv4 address for their users and services, IPv6 is already in the network and enterprise IT organizations should do something about it.

Companies are becoming more global and distributed while providing always-connected capability to their remote users. Any company employee that access to company resources remotely, especially with mobile technologies, will soon receive only IPv6 addresses, making it impossible to access IPv4 content and applications of the company. To ensure global connectivity from all kinds of devices using various service providers, enterprises should make the resources available for IPv6-only users.

If you are operating in financial sector, your clients could try to access their accounts from anywhere in the world. If your client is in Asia assigned only IPv6 address to its device for its Internet connectivity,  to ensure seamless service experience companies need to make sure that their web site, applications and content is accessible by IPv6-only client.

Based on the research quoted by the infographic below, there is already a significant number of IT/network managers who consider IPv6 as a critical component of their purchasing decisions.

(Internet Explorer: Click image to enlarge.  Chrome and Firefox: Right-click the image and select “view it” to view full size.)

It is important to note that network is the enabler for all business applications. First step in enabling IPv6 should be to ensure your service provider could support IPv6. It not only supports your transition requirements, but also could present a great opportunity to collaborate and learn from Service provider’s experience in enabling IPv6.

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  1. What is the current status of IPv6 with Allstream. Can current customers start using IPv6 with their existing links that they have with Allstream or does some work need to be done before we can utilize IPv6.

    The last status I had of IPv6 and Allstream is that they are looking to test it. This was 2 years ago.


    blair / 10 years ago
    • Hi Blair,
      Thank you for your comment. The Allstream network is enabled with IPv6 and actively announcing IPv6 routes through both public and private peering. Since our participation in 2011World IPv6 Day (June 8,2011), several of our customers have already enabled dual stack (routing of both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses) on their Allstream Internet Service. Implementing IPv6 may require some changes based on the customer network. If you are interested in adding IPv6 to your service, we invite you to call one of our service agents to discuss your IPv6 roadmap.

      In 2013, we hope that more of Canadian businesses will enable IPv6 assuring direct accessibility of their business to the world.


      Esra Dumanli / 10 years ago


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