Should you hire a chief IoT officer?

Thoughts on the Internet of Things, John Chambers’ retirement and more

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Taking IoT to the c-suite

There seems to have been a run on new chiefs in recent years, from technology and information to marketing. Well, get ready for one more – the chief Internet of Things officer (acronym pending).  While CIOs are typically focused on serving internal informatics needs, the chief IoT officer – or maybe a chief data officer — would be focused on informatics projects that go to the customer, and working across departments from product development and market research to bring them to fruition.

How Cisco used data to help replace John Chambers

Succession planning is never easy, and replacing a leader of the stature of long time Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers is never easy. Cisco recently did just that in a 16-month process that culminated in the selection of Chuck Robbins as Cisco’s new leader. In a recent blog, members of the Cisco board share best practices from their succession process – and how data helped drive the process.

Soothing stressed-out IT administrators

The next time you feel stressed at work and your boss is skeptical, don’t worry – you now have data to back it up. A recent survey of IT administrators found 78 per cent found their jobs stressful, with management (28 per cent) and users (23 per cent) both contributing to stress levels, along with lack of staff, lack of budget and tight deadlines. A little more work-life balance may be called for – once these pending issue tickets are cleared, of course.

Making security both useable and effective

Getting the balance right between security and usability is no easy task for network administrations. If some admins had their way, no one would ever use our networks – that way their security would be assured. That’s obviously not going to happen, so instead users need to be brought onside. That needs a mix of carrots and sticks, as well as monitoring to ensure compliance. Users are still the weakest point in any network, so their role can’t be ignored.

Best of expertIP

Network intelligence: the smarter way to make use of loose digital connections

Sure, social networks such as Facebook may inform us of what that guy we went to high school with had for lunch today, but could these networks of social “friends” we’ve developed actually have business value? Jared Lindzon ponders this as he explores the concept of network intelligence. What if big data analytics could uncover business opportunity in our social connections? It may make you think twice before turning down that next LinkedIn connect request.

Apps vs. mobile web sites: Here’s data to think through your decision

If you think it’s all about the apps, about the apps, no browser, you should think again. Stefan Dubowski explores new retail industry research from media measurement company comScore that found mobile web browsers outpaced mobile apps for buying activity in categories from location search and product research to product purchase. It doesn’t spell the end of apps, but it does argue for retailers to adopt a balanced approach to ecommerce.

The Spiceworks Review: Why rumours of the PC’s death were greatly exaggerated

While analysts like to predict the death of things, we still read newspapers, we still listen to the radio, and yes, we still use PCs. In her regular roundup of the best discussions from the Spiceworks user community, Vawn Himmelsbach writes on the ever popular debate over the death of the PC. It seems desktop PCs remain popular, although laptops ae still making inroads. Either way though, both are still PCs.

How retail industry transformation can start with a single phone call

Tracey Wilen has experienced the intersection of big data analytics and retail marketing first hand. Christine Wong caught the former IT executive’s recent presentation at the Retail Advertising and Marketing Canada symposium, where she recounted a phone call she received one day from Nordstrom – they noticed she hadn’t come in to shop last December as she did most years, surmised she was a business executive, and had a gift certificate for her and a deal on business wear. It was retail big data in action.

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