Show this IPv6 video to anyone who doesn’t get the urgency

A non-profit organization sketches out exactly why the migration from IPv4 is so important. A must-see from YouTube

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After all this time, if a company still doesn’t understand why the move to IPv6 is essential, network admins could be forgiven for asking something along the lines of, “Do I need to draw you a picture?

Thankfully, this clip takes an illustrative approach to walk through not only what IPv6 is, but the impact it will have one more organizations upgrade to the most recent online addressing system. It was posted on YouTube by Antonio Marcos Moreiras, a computer engineer working currently at, a not-for-profit organization that acts as an executive arm of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee.

One of the best parts of this clip, apart from its brevity, is how it focuses so much on how IPv6 affects the digital experiences of everyday consumers. The mention of fraud detection, for example, should resonate with financial services firms and retailers alike. If this clip does its job, more and more customers will be asking their banks and ISPs if they are IPv6 ready. And the answer better be positive.


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