SIP Voices: Melanie Turek

The SIP Voices series highlights insights from leading SIP professionals. In this issue, we feature Melanie Turek – Vice President, Research, Frost & Sullivan.

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Melanie Turek

Vice President, Research at Frost & Sullivan
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Melanie is Industry Director, Information Communications Technologies for Frost & Sullivan. Her experience base covers a broad range of sectors, leveraging long-standing relationships with leading industry participants’ senior executives and customer organizations.

On the SIP Explosion

“The market is suddenly ready for SIP and IP in general. There is double-digit growth across the board when it comes to IP communications. We just did a study with about 200 C-level executives in North America. One-third of them said they have IP PBXs in place, and almost all of them said that they are growing their deployment over the next few years.”

On the Drivers for SIP Adoption

“Cost reduction is an important driver, but sometimes it’s not the primary driver. A lot of companies want to take advantage of the new communications and collaboration technologies. These companies are realizing that their businesses and employee bases are changing. For example, they now have home-based or remote employees who don’t come to the office every day.

“Plus, many companies are now going global, when five years ago, they didn’t have the technology to be global. This makes them look at their technology infrastructure and ask how they can enable communications in a way that makes them more productive.”

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