SMBs Fail to Test Data Backup Systems

A report released by BUMI states that 23.8% of SMBs never test their data backup restore process. The Q2 2012 Data Backup survey states that “people are willing to regularly check their backups, but they’re not nearly as willing to regularly check the restore process, which is essential to a disaster recovery plan.”

The survey of 104 CEOs, IT professionals and business owners at small- to-medium-sized businesses also revealed:    

  • Although many SMBs are not testing their restore processes, they expect their data to be restored quickly. Almost all of the respondents (98.1%) said that – in the event a restore is needed – it should take less than one day to restore data.  
  • Virtualization is on the rise. Over 74% of respondents either use or plan to use virtualization as part of their disaster recovery strategy.  
  • Business continuity is the primary driver for backing up data. While 30% ofrespondents cited business continuity as their primary incentive for backing up data, 20% cited data recovery and another 20% cited compliance as the biggest driver.

For more information, click here to view the survey results.

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