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SMBs Increasing IT Budgets, Along with Their Use of Cloud and Virtualization Services

A new report released by Spiceworks™, Inc. reveals that SMBs are increasing their technology budgets and taking advantage of cloud computing, tablets, BYOD and virtualization. The semi-annual State of SMB IT report shows that over the past six months, SMBs have increased their IT budgets by 6% to an average of $152,000 per year.

The survey of 1,498 respondents from SMBs in 100 countries also revealed that:

  • A growing number of SMBs are adopting virtualization. Currently, 64% of SMBs are using virtualization, and this percentage is expected to rise to 77% within the next six months. The most common applications that SMBs are virtualizing include core applications (web services, databases, etc.) and common infrastructure (DNS, DHCP, WSUS, etc.).   
  • Cloud adoption is slowly rising. The percentage of SMBs that are using cloud services has increased only 4% (from 44% to 48%) in the past six months. However, the survey predicts that this number will rise to 62% within the next six months. The top services that SMBs are moving to the cloud include web and email hosting. Meanwhile, at least two-thirds of the SMBs surveyed have no plans to move their logistics management or VoIP services to the cloud.
  • 75% of SMBs now allow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and have programs in place to manage their employees’ personal devices. This shows that BYOD is here to stay and is not just a passing fad. However, only 20% of IT professionals fully embrace this initiative.  When it comes to BYOD, 35% of IT professionals believe that it works well for some devices, while 25% feel that it is a big headache.
  • More SMBs are using tablets. Currently, 45% of SMBs are using tablets in the workplace, while another 17% plan to use tablets in the next six months.

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