Study: Employees Secretly Use Personal Devices for Business

Today’s IP news roundup highlights some of the latest headlines in BYOD, mobility, network security and more:

  • Employees view their companies’ IT motives with suspicion. According to a recent study by Aruba Networks, 18% of respondents in Europe, 24% in the Middle East and 31% in America are worried that adding corporate security software to their devices will give employers access to their personal data. This likely explains why many of the respondents (15% in Europe, 17% in the Middle East and 17% in the US) have not told their employers that they use personal devices for work.  

The study states that “employees resent the power their employers now wield over their personal data, but are equally unconcerned about keeping company data safe.” Many of the respondents (51% in the US) take no security measures to protect corporate data on their personal devices. The study implies that it’s time for companies to address employee concerns and consider “new ways of separating work data from personal data.” For more information, see the “Employees tell the truth about your company’s data”study.

  • Mobility is a key initiative for field service organizations. According to Business2Community, a recent market research survey revealed that “63% of leading field service organizations highlighted how investments in mobility topped the list of strategic initiatives to improve field service performance. The study also found that organizations with mobile solutions have seen significant improvements in productivity and customer satisfaction since the deployment of these solutions.” To learn more about how field service organizations are benefiting from mobility, see the Business2Community article.
  • Auto-forwarding emails to accounts outside of your corporate network can lead to security issues. Many people like to forward their work emails to their personal accounts, as this makes it easier for them to stay connected after hours. However, Computerworld’s “Security Manager’s Journal” ran an article on the importance of preventing employees from doing this. According to the article, “Auto-forwarding rules just do not allow appropriate protection of information.” The article suggests using other methods to access company emails at home, including Outlook Web Access and VPN. For more tips on preventing employees from auto-forwarding work emails outside of your network, see Computerworld.
  • And finally … it may now be illegal to use computers and smartphones in Florida. In an effort to combat illegal gambling, Florida passed a law banning all Internet cafes. However, according to, this ambiguously worded law also makes “all electronic gambling devices” illegal in the state of Florida. Many read this as a total ban on smartphones, computers, tablets and any other device that could be used to gamble online. It looks like you may not want to bring your tablet on your next Florida vacation! For more information, see   

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