Study Reveals Data Center Challenges and Opportunities

A report released by InformationWeek explores how CIOs can balance IT’s need for optimized performance and increased control with the business’s needs for lower costs and agility.

The 2012 State of the Data Center report states, “Technically, data center design and operations have gotten more specialized, complex and costly, in lockstep with the increasingly sophisticated hardware and software used to run enterprise applications. Politically, decisions about data center infrastructure have become entwined with those about overall business strategies and processes. This puts CIOs in a delicate position.”

The survey of 256 technology decision-makers at North American companies with data centers of 1,000 square feet or larger revealed the following:  

  • Although IT spending is expected to increase slightly this year, 38% of respondents said that constrained budgets have the greatest impact on their data center operations. Other factors that impact data center operations are the migration to 10 Gbps, or greater, network technologies (32%) and server virtualization (31%).  
  • Most of an organization’s IT budget is spent on upkeep. The respondents estimated that 67% of their 2012 IT budget will be spent on maintenance, while 33% will be spent on innovation. This reflects little change from 2011, in which respondents spent 68% of their budgets on maintenance and 32% on innovation.   
  • When it comes to application infrastructure, 74% of respondents cited reliability and availability as their top requirements. Other key requirements include security and data protection (57%) and the flexibility to meet new business needs (40%).

For more information, click here to download the complete report.

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