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Survey: Cloud Security Concerns Becoming a Thing of the Past

A new study released by Microsoft on Monday reveals that decision makers at small and medium businesses (SMBs) are increasingly overcoming their security concerns about cloud computing and embracing the technology’s IT and business-building capabilities. As reported in Tech Week Europe, the survey revealed that 35% of respondents from SMBs claimed they experienced “noticeably higher levels of security” since migrating to the cloud, with 32% saying they “spend less time worrying about security” since moving.

With less time spent managing security concerns, the IT professionals said they are putting those savings back into the business:

  • 37% reported that securing the cloud “improved agility and competitiveness.”
  • 52% said the cloud helped them accelerate the implementation of new business-building products and services.
  • 41% said they are hiring more staff for “roles that directly benefit sales or business growth.”
  • 39% have used the savings to “invest in more product development.”

The study surveyed IT professionals at companies with 100 to 500 PCs that receive cloud services through a subscription-based service; those operating a private cloud did not participate. The respondents were employed in companies in the United States and four Asian countries.

The Tech Week Europe article also reports on another recently released study by Symantec that confirms many of Microsoft’s findings on cloud security concerns for both private and public cloud services.

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