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Allstream Trending Topics 2013

Trending topics for 2012 and tomorrow

If the entire IT industry were to receive a performance review the way individual employees do, it would begin, of course, with a self-assessment. Here goes: Although this was probably the year consumer technology made its biggest inroads into business environments, a lot of important work...
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Flag of China

Chinese Virtualization Adoption Rates to Hit 70% by 2016

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the IP news roundup. Here are the latest headlines in virtualization, disaster recovery, big data and more: Chinese virtualization adoption rates are set to soar. Today, 10% of China’s x86 enterprise service workloads are virtualized. According to Gartner,...
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big data spending

Big Data Is Expected to Drive $34 Billion in Global IT Spending by Next Year

Welcome to the Monday edition of the IP news roundup, where you will find the latest headlines in big data, BYOD, cloud and network security: Big data will drive $28 billion of worldwide IT spending in 2012. A new report by Gartner predicts that this number will increase to $34 billion next...
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