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IT cost optimization: The skill that dare not speak its name

Technology professionals have been forced to get really good at doing more with less. They just don’t want the world at large to know
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The 5 stakeholders that ensure social business success

The second in a series from Frost & Sullivan examines the evolution from traditional unified communications to a truly collaborative workplace using the latest tools. It’s not just an IT project anymore
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The CSIS Warns of Cyber Attacks on Canadian Businesses

Here’s the latest news from the IP universe: The CBC reported that Canadian businesses may be the targets of attacks by Chinese cyberspies. According to the CBC’s website, “Sources have told CBC News that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is alerting some of the...
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Big Government Meets Big Data

Government agencies across North America are not only burdened by more requests for services, they are struggling to dig themselves out from under an avalanche of data. A new study has concluded that IT departments in American Federal agencies are grappling with same issues as their peers in the...
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