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IT Security Is Protecting the Wrong Assets, Says Study

Today’s IP news roundup highlights some of the latest headlines in network security, convergence, virtualization and more: An Oracle study has revealed that enterprises allocate 67% of their IT resources to protecting their networks, although they believe that a database breach would cause...
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More Businesses Turn to Convergence to Cut IT Costs

Today’s IP news roundup highlights some of the latest headlines in convergence, big data and more: According to the IT Business Edge blog, many businesses can no longer afford the high costs of data infrastructure. That’s why they are turning to converged infrastructures as a low-cost, yet...
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The Convergence of Social, Mobile and BPM Can Lead to Increased Business Opportunities

According to an Oracle white paper, “To stay ahead in today's rapidly changing business environment, organizations need agile business processes that allow them to adapt quickly to evolving markets, customer needs, policies, regulations, and business models.” The white paper goes on to explore...
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Computer Piracy

Canadians Could Face Legal Action for Downloading Pirated Content

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the IP news roundup. Here are the latest headlines in telecommunications, big data, cloud, virtualization and network security: TekSavvy has been asked to hand over the names of its customers who may have engaged in copyright infringement by downloading...
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