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Enterprises Are Unaware of or Indifferent to Network Security Incidents [Study]

Today’s IP news roundup highlights some of the latest headlines in virtualization, network security and more: According to a Lancope study, “more than 65 percent of IT/security professionals do not think, or were unsure whether, they had experienced any security incidents within the last...
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Governments to Reduce IT Spending

Today’s IP news roundup highlights some of the latest headlines in cloud, big data, network security and more: A Gartner study revealed that global governments plan to reduce their IT spending to $449.5 billion – a 0.1% drop from 2012. According to The Register, “The top three areas...
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[Study] The High Costs of Cybercrime

Ponemon Institute released the results of its 2012 Cost of Cybercrime Study: United States study, which sheds light on the real economic impact of cyber attacks. The study revealed that ““the average annualized cost of cyber crime for 56 organizations in our study is $8.9 million per year, with...
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The CSIS Warns of Cyber Attacks on Canadian Businesses

Here’s the latest news from the IP universe: The CBC reported that Canadian businesses may be the targets of attacks by Chinese cyberspies. According to the CBC’s website, “Sources have told CBC News that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is alerting some of the...
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