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Is AI the silver bullet for cybersecurity?

The three A’s — artificial intelligence, algorithms and automation — are game-changers when it comes to cybersecurity. But that doesn’t mean we should rely too heavily on AI (or on any one particular technology) in the fight against hackers and cyber attackers.
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Cybersecurity – From A to Z

As attacks become more sophisticated, organizations must use more advanced intelligence to protect themselves from threats. A Solarwinds white paper provides an overview of the latest types of attacks and offers a framework for ensuring that you are protected from even the most sophisticated of...
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U.S. Cybersecurity Order Requires Federal Agencies to Warn Businesses of Threats

Welcome to today’s edition of the IP news roundup. Here are the latest headlines in cybersecurity, big data and more: President Obama signed an order that requires federal agencies to share cyberthreat information with businesses as well as build a security framework that will help protect...
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Five dastardly Distributed Denial of Service attacks

As DDoS becomes a favourite of everyone from script-kiddies to nation states, we look at five noteworthy attacks.
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