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Don’t Let Engineers Near Your Emergency “Off” Buttons … and Other Data Centre Disaster Lessons

Computing recently surveyed 140 IT professionals to learn about the risks – both real and perceived – that can cause downtime and/or data loss in medium to large enterprise data centres. While the majority of organizations plan for disasters such as fire (75%), extreme weather (62%) and loss of...
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SIP trunking

SIP Trunking Improves Operational Efficiencies by Almost 25%

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the IP news roundup, where you will find the latest headlines in SIP trunking, big data, disaster recovery and cloud: SIP trunking can help companies improve efficiencies by 23%. A recent Webtorial report revealed that companies utilizing SIP trunking can...
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BYOD and overtime
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Businesses That Support BYOD May Pay More in Employee Overtime

Here’s a roundup of today’s hottest IP news: If you allow your employees to use their personal devices for work, does this mean that you’ll end up paying more in overtime? According to an interview with Teresa Thompson, an attorney for Fredrikson & Byron, maybe. “If it’s...
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