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Big Data: From Soup to Nuts and Bolts

This microsite, in the comprehensive IBM way, provides a soup-to-nuts experience in multimedia content focused on Big Data. It showcases plenty of thought leadership stuff from leading consulting groups, chartware on-demand, video profiles, market research, customer case studies and the inevitable...
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Wonder Where Your Data Is?

Mozy recently published an infographic that contains a number of interesting statistics on where the world’s data is being stored. Did you know that hard disk drives hold 52% of all stored data? Or that the world’s biggest data center (by square feet) is located in Chicago? This is a timely...
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Big Data: Getting the Specs for Big Business

The popular blog GigaOM has produced a podcast seminar (with slide support) called “Solving Big Data for Big Business.” This hour-long seminar, featuring a conversation among four IT consultants, focuses on extremely techie issues. How does big data integration differ from traditional database...
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Three Short Videos About Big Data

Big Data is a trend that ties in directly with Cisco’s focus on data center and virtualization solutions for the enterprise. If you’re in the mood for short primers, the “Big Data Whiteboard Discussion” video seminar is packaged up into three segments of roughly three minutes each. Taken...
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