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Back to school resources for IT pros

Mobile and online technologies are shifting job-based training from a top-down model to self-directed career development that is personalized, flexible and continuous. Here are some alternatives if you lack the time, money or stamina to go back to college or university.
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Top 6 training priorities for SDN adoption

If you’re making the transition to software-defined networking — or considering it — you’ll need to upgrade your skills. Here’s how to approach this challenge and determine training priorities, according to a survey of early adopters.
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Get ready for the looming IoT skills shortage

In Canada, we’re seeing an uptick in IoT-related job requests, but staffing and expertise continue to be a barrier to development. To deal with this looming skills shortage, one industry watcher recommends strategies to help IT staff get on board with the Internet of Things.
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Technology Education

The top skills that are transforming IT education

The new dean of technology at triOS College talks about how employers can influence the next generation of curricula — and find the next generation of IT professionals
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