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Canadians could try harder on digital privacy

Canadians aren’t that privacy-savvy, but they are happy with their digital services. Headphones are learning to spy on you, computers are learning to lip read and Facebook is learning that censorship might just pay. It’s all in this week’s tech roundup.
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As Big Data Gets Bigger, Personal Privacy Becomes a Global Concern

Welcome to the Monday edition of the IP news roundup. Today’s headlines focus on big data and cloud: In the era of big data, can digital privacy and business growth coexist? An article on Network World compared European vs. American attitudes towards using personal data to achieve business...
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The CSIS Warns of Cyber Attacks on Canadian Businesses

Here’s the latest news from the IP universe: The CBC reported that Canadian businesses may be the targets of attacks by Chinese cyberspies. According to the CBC’s website, “Sources have told CBC News that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is alerting some of the...
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