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"Does this data make me look sexy?"

Sexiest Career of the 21st Century = Big Data Scientist?

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the IP news roundup, where you will find the latest headlines in big data, network security, disaster recovery and cloud: Here’s another sign that nerds are poised to take over the world … according to the Harvard Business Review, the sexiest career of...
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Global Security Spending up 8.4% from 2011

Here’s a roundup of today’s IP news: The 2012 Gartner CIO survey revealed that global spending on security will reach $60 billion this year, representing an 8.4% increase from last year. By 2016, global security spending will increase to $86 billion. According to the study, the...
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Study Reveals That BYOD Is Here to Stay

A new report by MokaFive states that the majority of businesses now allow employees to use their personal devices at work. According to the results of the BYOD: The IT Perspective survey, 88% of respondents said their companies have some form of BYOD, whether it is sanctioned or not. However,...
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Cloud security

[Study] Security Remains One of the Greatest Cloud Concerns

An Intel survey confirmed the important role that security plays when it comes to choosing both public and private cloud services. Security either formed the foundation of respondent’s decisions or played a strong role in their selection of a cloud deployment model. Here’s what the...
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Study Reveals Data Center Challenges and Opportunities

A report released by InformationWeek explores how CIOs can balance IT’s need for optimized performance and increased control with the business’s needs for lower costs and agility. The 2012 State of the Data Center report states, “Technically, data center design and operations have gotten...
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Internet Security Report: Malicious Attacks Increase by 81%

A report released by Symantec revealed that the Internet security company blocked 5.5 billion malicious attacks in 2011, an increase of 81% from the previous year. The latest annual Internet Security Threat Report stated that the increase in attacks was due in part to the increased use of advanced...
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