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SIP Trunking: The Present and the Future

This presentation from Graham Francis of the SIP School was delivered at the 2012 Unified Communications Expo in London and is available on video on the school’s site. Francis begins his talk with bold statements like “SIP is everywhere! Game over: SIP has won!” before settling into a...
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SIP Trunking: The Cost Savings

Making a business case for SIP trunking or almost any other tech upgrade often comes down to demonstrating cost savings to a non-IT professional. Hence the popularity of documents like this whitepaper from Level (3), which provides an in-depth analysis of the potential telecom, network and...
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SIP Trunking Bandwidth: Too Much or Not Enough?

Webtorials is a comprehensive resource centre featuring industry-sponsored whitepapers, podcasts and guided discussions on IT issues, supplemented by regular contributions from staff writers. This article on calculating bandwidth needs for SIP trunking by senior contributing editor Gary Audin is...
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Do You Know Where Your Data Is? and Strato published this whitepaper on the security and privacy risks companies take when they move their corporate data to the cloud. Although the statistics collected here are from the UK, Canadian businesses also face the same data privacy risks if their data is hosted in the US and...
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