Teeing Off to support Thyroid Cancer Canada & Heal With Horses Foundation

On June 10 our Allstream crew, along with partner organizations and sponsors, gathered together at Nobleton Lakes Golf Club just outside of Toronto for the annual Allstream golf tournament. The tournament was organized by Allstream’s Claude Giorgio and Randy Lockwood who said:

“To our Sponsors, you guys help make us successful throughout the year and without you, this fun would not be possible.  On behalf of the Allstream Team,  Thank you tons!!! Throughout all the fun, we never forget how fortunate we are and yet again think of charities to support and help where we can.

This year, we donated $1000 to Thyroid Cancer Canada and $1000 to the Heal With Horses Foundation in Prince Edward County who works with Autistic and ADD Children.”

You can learn more about these great charities:


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All images by Phil Lightstone.

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