The 2 Cisco protocols that could boost network uptime

Application availability via OTV and LISP, plus using the cloud to thwart zero-day attacks and more

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Improved uptime is an obvious goal for most networks, and an article on Network Computing Thursday suggests Cisco has two protocols that could make it much more possible. Find out how to use OTV and LISP together to enhance application availability.

Everyone’s virtualizing their IT infrastructure, but some of the long-term implications are only beginning to be understood. An executive from LSI Corp. writes about how¬†server virtualization affects traffic flows and storage on Data Center Knowledge.

You can have all the business continuity plans in the world, but if you’re not keeping up with patch management, your organization is at risk. An article published Thursday by Information Week looks at using cloud services to thwart zero-day attacks and keep systems running.

If you’re thinking about SIP trunking, you may also need to be thinking about session border controllers. Network World’s Network Intelligence blog provides an overview of the increasingly important role of SBCs in end-to-end IP over the next five years.

Ever since World IPv6 day, there has been a surge of interest in the new standard, but a post on ZDNet Thursday examines the possibility that IPv6 could make networks safer. Cybercriminals, be warned.


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