The 2012 Canadian Telecom Summit Roundup

Highlights from the 2012 Canadian Telecom Summit – Competition and Innovation: Celebrating Our Legacy, Developing the Future.

Last week, more than 500 leaders in the telecom, broadcast and IT industries gathered at the Toronto Congress Centre to discuss the key issues and trends that will impact this critical sector of the economy.

Here are some highlights from the event:  

  • The event organizers called for governments and the telecommunications industry to help disadvantaged youth gain access to computers and affordable broadband. IT World Canada reported that telecommunications consultant MarkGoldberg opened the conference with a call for leadership to help youth gain digital literacy, rather than to focus on bringing broadband to rural areas. “Quite simply, kids cannot learn effectively without access to a connected computer,” he said. “And if governments won’t lead, then it’s up to those of us in this room to develop and deliver such programs.”  
  • Wireless is a key driver in the Canadian economy. Bernard Lord, president and CEO of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, presented on the state of wireless in Canada. As reported by, Lord said, “I don’t think anyone could have predicted the extent to which wireless would become a key driver of Canada’s economy.” In 2010, wireless generated $43 billion for the Canadian economy and employed more than 260,000 people. The average salary of a person working in wireless is $64,000, compared with the average Canadian salary of $44,000.
  • Mobilicity wants more Canadian apps. As reported by the Calgary Herald, Mobilicity Executive Chairman John Bitove wants mobile app developers to raise money with flow shares, which would allow investors to get tax incentives for financing Canadian app development. “We do it in natural resources; there’s no reason why we shouldn’t do it in app development,” Bitove said. “I think the Canadian wireless industry needs more Canadian-oriented apps . . . We would, in effect, be incubating an industry in Canada that is one of the fastest-growing global industries — which is app software.”

 For more information, visit the 2012 Canadian Telecom Summit website.

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