The choice vs. control tradeoff that’s coming to business communications

Oil, dating and analytics; if Nokia and Lucent pair up; data centre lessons worth learning

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What oil, dating, digital and analytics have in common

Cisco blogger Michael Riegel uses a story about his father in law and courting his wife to be to make a point about how information technology is moving from a support role in industries such as oil and gas to a crucial business driver. It’s about bringing together information technology and operation technology, and Cisco says today 59 per cent of companies haven’t achieved that alignment, and the value it can unlock.

In the year 2025, if man is still alive…

Ten years is a long time, particularly when it comes to technology. What might the world of business communications look like in 2025? Mitel’s Hal Werner brought that question to industry executives and attendees at the Enterprise Connect event, and got a variety of answers, from more mobile to no more desk phones. The underlying theme? More control for the customer, which will mean (more) challenge for the network administrator.

A Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent mega-merger may be in the making

Following months of swirling speculation, Nestor Arellano reports that Nokia Communications and Alcatel-Lucent have confirmed they are in discussions about a possible merger of the two telecommunications equipment giants. The hookup could make sense – Nokia is looking to extend its offerings in areas such as software-defined networking and the cloud – and would help it keep pace with Huawei and Ericsson.

Data centre lessons worth learning, via Facebook and Altoona

With its massive user base and still impressive growth, Facebook has invested a lot of time and money in its data centre. And unlike many companies Jeff Doyle reports Facebook is more than willing to share lessons it has learned along the way. You may not need to scale your data centre as fast and far as Facebook does, but you can still benefit from knowing how they do it.

Best of expertIP

The things you should (and shouldn’t) discuss via videoconferencing

Just because you can do business from anywhere – and technology has broken down a lot of traditional barriers — doesn’t mean you should. Take video conferencing – when is it appropriate, and when is it not? Christine Wong ran some scenarios by executive coach and business etiquete maven Joanne Blake. Human resources is certainly an area to tread lightly.

Why the benefits of visual voicemail deserve a closer look

They say millennials don’t use voicemail, so even if you leave them a message, they’re unlikely to even read it. As Vawn Himmelsbach writes, they’re all about texting – but texting isn’t always appropriate in a business context. Could visual voicemail be the happy compromise? It’s actually been around, but it has never really taken off with users. Himmelsbach argues it’s time for a second look.

Going for gold: Turning in a winning performance in IT projects

Part three of Patricia MacInnis’ pre-Pan Am/ParaPan Am Games series with lessons from former Paralympian champion swimmer Andrew Hayley looks at why how we handle failure is at least as important as how we candle success. In sports, and in IT projects, there will be setbacks, and even failures. It’s how we learn and bounce back from the experience that will determine future success.

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