The cloud computing SlideShare presentation every IT pro should show

IT departments still struggle sometimes to make the “utilize vs. own” argument with business decision makers. This slide deck could help get the point across

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When it comes to the adoption of technology, consumers have had a head start on businesses.

While companies continue to spend capital to acquire goods and services, the average consumer has adopted the concept of utilize vs. own.  The physical limitations of consuming a service have been removed by the availability of virtual services from the cloud. No longer are the constraints of physical networks holding businesses and consumers back as they transact over fixed and mobile devices seamlessly. Visual communications ensure that the products and providers are visible to the buyers, when it matters. Social media has levelled the playing field.

If the utilize vs. own model works well in the B2C space, the B2B players should be taking a long and hard look at their options in this area.

Here are a few technology trends that disrupted traditional B2C models.


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  1. Cloud computing is the perfect solution for this type of challenge…..

    Integral IT / 7 years ago
    • Couldn’t agree more…

      Dax / 7 years ago