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The Cloud Market Will Double by 2018 [Study]

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Today’s IP news roundup highlights some of the latest headlines in cloud, big data and more:

  • Technology Business Research Inc.’s latest cloud portfolio report revealed that the global cloud market will double by 2018, reaching $66 billion. The Managed Private and Professional Services Cloud Benchmark report stated that the market grew 38% year to year in the first quarter of 2013. According to the report’s press release, “while the overall services market has seen marginal growth over the last year, the bright spot for services is cloud professional services, which grew more than 30% year-to-year.” Click here for more information about the Managed Private and Professional Services Cloud Benchmark report.
  • The M2M analytics industry will increase from U.S. $1.9 billion in 2013 to $14.3 billion in 2018. According to a forecast from ABI Research, this is a 53.1% increase. ABI Research states that “The forecast includes revenue segmentation for the five components that together enable analytics to be used in M2M services: data integration, data storage, core analytics, data presentation, and associated professional services.” For more M2M trends, see the “Big Data and Analytics in M2M Services” study press release.
  • Thinking of big data like a product assembly line can help you gain valuable insights. A article recommends that you think of your company as a factory, where “Insights are products—goods that are valuable because they are useful; data is the raw material from which the products, the insights, are made; and front-line operators are the consumers, or the people who need and use the product.” Using this “insight factory” approach can help companies quickly analyze massive amounts of data and gain valuable insights. For more tips on how to turn big data insights into action, see
  • Global VoIP revenue rose 3% to $33 billion in the first half of 2013. While much of this increase came from the residential market, a report from Infonetics Research predicts that global business VoIP revenue will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7% through 2017. The VoIP and UC Services and Subscribers report press release stated that “Hosted PBX/UC grew the most of any VoIP service between Jan. 1 and June 30, as businesses, particularly larger enterprises, continue to turn to hosted services as a viable alternative to premises-based solutions.” Meanwhile, SIP trunking grew 23% in the second half of 2012.
  • And finally … higher education networks are 300% more likely to contain malware, compared with enterprise and government networks. According to an OpenDNS study, the biggest threat to college and university networks is the Expiro malware, which is installed when a user visits a malicious website and then steals sensitive data. For more information, along with tips on how higher education institutions can protect their networks, see

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