The collaboration how-to guide IT departments have never had

Unified communications and related technologies have rarely been a high-priority for CIOs, but that could be changing. An introduction to Allstream’s latest eBook.

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In more than 15 years of talking to CIOs I have never once heard of one being brought before their senior management team and told, “Do something to foster collaboration.”

And yet, with the plethora of unified communications and mobility options available to businesses, creating the right environment for team success has never been more critical.

We recently published an eBook that focuses on what Allstream is calling the three “Converging Forces” that are vital to IT departments in 2013, which also includes mobility and virtualization. There’s lots of information online about network-enabled collaboration at a high level, but this book takes a more hands-on, practical approach that includes:

  • The business drivers that can lead to a business case
  • What the transformation journey towards real collaboration looks like
  • Reference material to improve your prospects for success

Collaboration comes of age

Most organizations see the role of IT as facilitating the flow of information between computers, phones and offices, but not necessarily fostering team-oriented behaviour among employees. Although collaboration is a broad and poorly-defined term, business executives should also recognize how technology professionals can help build a more engaged, interdependent workforce. Allstream’s collaboration eBook is intended to give them the blueprint they need to demonstrate this potential and redefine their role as providers of business value, not just bits and bytes.

From Allstream to expertIP and beyond

This book was primarily written by subject matter experts at Allstream, who work every day with Canadian companies to create the kind of communications networks that enable next-generation collaboration. It also includes some of the best posts from, which I hope IT professionals consider a place to share your own collaboration challenges and success stories. Contact me at if you’re interested.

Perhaps the other reason collaboration is rarely called out as a top IT priority is that, unlike a server, an application suite or even a desktop, CIOs and their teams have never had an owner’s manual for effective organizational collaboration. Now they do.

Download The Enterprise Collaboration eBook: A How-To Guide to Unified Communications, here.

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