The G-Cloud First for Canada campaign explained

Local industry groups are advocating that our public sector learn from their counterparts in the U.K. and consider cloud computing before any other option when they face an IT spending decision. Are you on board?

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The Canadian Federal Government simply needs to demonstrate more forward thinking leadership in the area of cloud computing.   No business, let alone nation, can maintain a first-tier presence in global markets if handicapped by the inertia of legacy business models.

Recently the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) launched an advocacy campaign known as G-Cloud First for Canada, which would require public sector organizations to consider and fully evaluate potential Cloud solutions first – before they consider any other option. Here are more details as mentioned in CATA’s recent announcement:

G-Cloud is the backbone to the U.K.’s cloud first policy; it was designed to help UK government fulfill its pledge that half of new IT spending will be on public cloud services by 2015. The government wants to halve the cost of IT provision by replacing bespoke IT systems with off-the-shelf cloud services, particularly for generic services like email . . . As part of the G-Cloud, Departments are encouraged to buy cloud services through the government-run online catalogue system, CloudStore — where there are now more than 3,000 services – made up of about 400 IaaS offerings, 80 PaaS offerings, 1,300 SaaS offerings and 1,300 specialist cloud services. These services are targeted at a wide range of public sector bodies, including local and central government, the NHS and police forces. The public sector can thus select the services that best suit their organization’s needs, and then rent the use of services as needed as well as do away with lengthy contracts.  Importantly, the system enables SMEs to sell to government departments in equal capacity to larger enterprises.

The Canadian Cloud Council is collaborating with CATA on this critical campaign and is strongly supportive of a G-Cloud for Canada strategy.

This is a material issue that will impact Canadian’s competitive position and will only be resolved through the rapid development of transformational, proven legislative measures like G-Cloud.   We are encouraging the Government of Canada to evaluate G-Cloud as a way of enabling and commercializing innovation, driving substantial cost savings and stimulating the Small to Medium (SME) business segment.  It needs to addressed at the top level of the Canadian government if we expect to remain a remotely competitive nation.

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