The IT race that kicks off the 2015 Pan Am Games

Long before the world starts watching what happens in Toronto, a critical piece of technology paves the way for success

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Next year’s Pam Am and Parapan Games in Toronto will be filled with moments where teams of athletes will approach the starting line and race furiously towards a common end point. Prior to the commencement of these prestigious games something very similar is happening in the background to prepare the event’s IT infrastructure.   Allstream is working with fellow official suppliers to deliver a next generation communications experience to the organizers, participants and fans.

As part of being the official supplier for Managed IP Communications and Hosted Collaboration Solutions, a team from Allstream has been working closely with the Pan Am organization to set up a managed unified communications platform that will deliver collaboration services to all Pan Am/ParaPan Games personnel, volunteers and venue community.  Already Allstream has enabled over 400 hosted collaboration users within the TO2015 head office production environment.  When the games commence in July 2015, more than 1500 hosted end points will be deployed throughout the PanAm/ParaPan key locations and venues.

Additionally Allstream was a key contributor in the launch of the volunteer portal in April, supplying the high-speed internet connectivity to meet the demands of the athletes and fans.  This is the kind of moment where having a smooth, seamless and reliable digital experience is absolutely critical, both to achieve business objectives (like attracting volunteers) and for the integrity of the Pan Am Games’ reputation as a well-run operation.

Similar to the events that will be hosted across the venues, the Internet infrastructure must support the online race that parallels the fast paced action of the games in 2015. On the first day the volunteer portal went live, there were more than 4,000 applicants who signed on to help out in all kinds of capacities. Besides the initial 400 seats of Allstream’s Hosted Collaboration Solution that have been set up at the Pan Am Games’ head office, we’ll be spending the next year supporting their expanding LAN environment to a wide range of geographically dispersed venues, delivering functionality such as video collaboration, voice communications and critical data delivery, providing a vital piece of managing communication among staff, athletes and other stakeholders.

Along with the other official sponsors for the 2015 Pan Am / ParaPan games, Allstream is focused on delivering next generation features and functionality with the reliability expected from any world-class organization.  As many of the athletes competing in the Pan Am Games have probably learned, you stand a much better chance of winning a race when you get off to a good start. We still have a lot of work to do, but from a connectivity perspective, we’re off and running.

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