The long, slow, fictional death of the PC

For almost as long as we’ve had PCs, someone has been predicting their death

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In 1997, during my second year of university, I bought my first personal computer, or PC. A sleek, black Compaq Presario with a handy internal 14.4 modem. While I enjoyed playing many hours of Civ II between writing the odd term paper, little did I know the PC had actually died years earlier.

And now, 16 years later, the PC is still dying. Or dead. According to some, anyway. So pretend the PC you’re probably reading this on is a mirage as we share decades of so-called experts predicting its demise.

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  1. 10 hours of battery life on an iPad is extremely useful during the business day and a lot lighter to pack when travelling. Strange the tablet can be almost $600 which is more than a budget laptop that has a lot more horsepower and storage capacity. The desktop box style PC will die first.

    John / 9 years ago