The must-follow social media accounts for Pan Am 2015

Can’t make it to the event or watch on TV? Try this collection of sources on Twitter, Facebook and more

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Many Canadians will no doubt attempt to watch the Games live. Thousands will undoubtedly flock to Toronto to see what they can in person. For many of us, however, busy work schedules mean social media services will have to provide a different kind of fan experience.

Obviously, in its role as official hosted collaboration solutions supplier, Allstream will make offering multiple ways to stay updated on its involvement in Pan Am 2015, including its Twitter account and Facebook page. However expertIP has put together some other suggestions to help those interested in the event feel as connected as possible. And we’ll keep adding to this list as the Games get closer.

  • @CiscoCanada: A key Allstream provider whose technology provides the foundation for HCS, Cisco’s social media team will no doubt be busy with Pan Am-related tweets in its own role as a premier partner.
  • The City of Toronto’s YouTube channel is usually filled with clips about municipal service delivery, but if there was time to see the city post some videos you really want to watch, this is probably it.
  • Facebook’s Pan Am page: Not officially created by the Games, this is an example of where the social networking service automatically collects content based on its user’s interests. The Games could be a good test of how well its contextual technology performs.
  • Pan Am Games 2015 on LinkedIn: Of all the social media accounts created by the organizers, this may seem like the least likely one to attract much attention, but why not? Most IT professionals are probably more likely to be checking into LinkedIn than more consumer-focused services, and if you join the nearly 5,000 who are opting in for its updates, this could become one of the most interesting things in your stream.
  • The City of Markham’s Pan Am Pinterest board: The Games will be a highly visual event, and though we think primarily about the City of Toronto’s role, the City of Markham has already created an impressive collection of photos on Pinterest about local venues being created to host various activities.
  • CBC’s Your Story: There will be plenty of media coverage of Pan Am 2015 via the national broadcaster’s regular reporters, but for years now the company has operated a site purely for user-generated content. It’ll be thrilling to see how Pan Am 2015 offers a new venue for citizen journalism.

For more on how Allstream is helping make the 2015 Toronto event possible, visit the Pan Am Games page. 

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