The top 12 iPhone and iPad apps for IT managers

A roundup of some of the best network diagnostic, collaboration, remote access and other IT-focused apps that will save you time while increasing your productivity

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If your average “day at the office” is spent working from home, from your desk, from the data centre, from meetings and from your car, then you won’t always have access to a PC or laptop to perform your tasks. However, a number of apps are helping IT managers navigate the mobile workplace and get their jobs done.

Whether you need to verify that a server is functioning, provide remote support or assign a task to a team member, here are 12 apps that can make your life easier:

1.      SG Action Log (Project Management)

One of my LinkedIn connections asked me to find an app that would help him manage his endless stream of action items, or what he calls, “a new kind of beast that will bury us if we don’t learn how to deal with him.” Well, I think the Simple Genius (SG) Action Log app may help.

This iPad app was designed and tested by a veteran project and program manager for other project managers. It lets you create multiple projects and manage a variety of action items for each project. You can assign action items to specific people, set due dates and organize notes. The app also allows you to share documents on Dropbox and email reports to your team.

2.      Asana Mobile (Project Management)

Asana Mobile is another app that lets you create, schedule and assign tasks. You can instantly check the status of a project and see what specific people are working on at any given time. You can also add a task, and team members can claim it for themselves or assign it to someone else. Asana Mobile can be used to track everything from service desk calls to who is in charge of the morning coffee run. This app works with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

3.      Server Monitor (Network Diagnostics)

The Server Monitor app allows you to quickly and easily track the status of any server. With just a few swipes, you can view data such as uptimes, load averages, log files and memory statuses. The app supports Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD.

4.      IT Tools (Network Diagnostics)

The IT Tools app contains a number of diagnostic tools that allow you to remotely check and manage your network. It includes continuous traceroute and can often determine the network path in less than five seconds. It also includes DNS lookup, configurable ping, Whois information, routing tables, active network connections and more.

5.      Network Ping (Network Diagnostics)

The Network Ping app allows you to maintain your LAN and debug problems from your iPhone or iPad. You can ping either a single IP address or a subnet to see an overview of 255 IP addresses. Network Ping makes it easy to see if you have a problem – if the IP address is green, then the device is responding; if it’s yellow, the last ping failed; and if it’s red, the device is no longer responding. 

6.      Scany (Network Security)

Scany enhances your security by searching for devices that are connected to your network and providing you with detailed information about each device. The app works with any type of network (Wi-Fi, LAN, etc.) and can even identify devices that are hidden behind firewalls. Scany also includes networking utilities such as traceroute, ping, remote wake (WOL), Whois and Geo IP.   

7.      iNetQCheck Pro (Connectivity)

If you ever need to determine why your connection is slow, iNetQCheck Pro can help. Instead of just running speed tests, this app also measures a connection’s application data flow quality. It then provides you with detailed reports, so you can identify and resolve connection problems – such as packet loss and extended TCP delays – as they occur. A free version of the app is also available.  

8.      TFTP Server (MobileTFTP)

With the TFTP Server app, you don’t need to bring a laptop to the data centre to copy  configurations. The app includes a full TFTP server, so you can clone configurations via your iPhone or iPad. This ensures that you always have the latest router and switch code levels and configurations on hand. The latest release also allows for file transfers that are greater than 32MB and comes with Dropbox integration.

9.      Dropbox (Document Storage and Collaboration)

While I was researching this article, several IT professionals told me that they use Dropbox to store and share files. The Dropbox app is available for a number of platforms and lets you access any of your files on any of your devices. Simply save a file to your Dropbox folder. Then, if you edit it on your iPad, it will automatically update across all of your other devices. 

10.  Mobile Representative Console (Remote Support)

Bomgar’s Mobile Representative Console allows your tech support team to provide remote support via their iOS or Android devices. Support technicians can start a support session from their mobile device, view a remote machine’s screen, chat with end users or other support team members, work on multiple sessions at the same time and save information from each session behind your company’s firewalls. 

11.  LogMeIn (Remore Access)

The LogMeIn mobile app for iOS gives you remote access to all of your computers from your iPhone or iPad. With the free app, you can gain full access to your applications and files – handy if you need a file for a meeting but left it on your home computer. With LogMeIn’s paid versions, you can perform a number of IT management tasks, such as managing multiple computers, sharing files and providing support.

12.  ADManager Mobile (Microsoft Active Directory Management)

The ADManager Mobile app allows you to perform a number of Active Directory management tasks from your iPhone or iPad. You can use it to create, modify or delete user accounts. With this app, you can also change passwords, unlock accounts, manage groups and more.

This article only covers a fraction of the apps that are useful for IT managers. What apps do you use to boost your productivity and make your life easier? Please let us know in the comments section below.

It takes more than apps for technology professionals to contribute value in an organization. For more ideas, download our free white paper, Three Ways IT Can Drive Innovation in Customer Service.

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    Syncs with Evernote, and also comes with mobile-web version, and Android and iPhone apps.

    Dan / 10 years ago
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    J Wills / 8 years ago