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The Top 8 Ways to Celebrate the World IPv6 Launch

With the June 6 World IPv6 Launch approaching, the expertIP editors would like to suggest some ways to celebrate this historic event.

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The World IPv6 Launch is scheduled for June 6. By this date, the Internet Society hopes that ISPs, websites and home networking equipment manufacturers will permanently enable IPv6 for their products and services.

Many organizations have questions about how to plan for and implement a successful transition to IPv6. But the big question is … how are you planning to celebrate the World IPv6 Launch? The expertIP editors have a few suggestions:

  1. Be the first parent to name a child IPv6.
  2. Purchase IPv4 addresses on the black market and display them next to your original “Star Wars” action figures.
  3. Give everyone in your IT department custom license plates with IPv6 addresses.
  4. Dress your dog in its very own World IPv6 Launch T-shirt and parade it through your office.
  5. Organize the first IPv6 celebration parade. Outdo your competitors by building the best float.
  6. Dress in traditional costumes from the IPv4 era and rock out to your Pearl Jam cassette tapes.
  7. Brag to your younger colleagues about how you had to walk five miles to the local Internet cafe just to send an email back in the IPv4 era.
  8. Hold a memorial service for your old IPv4 address.

How are you going to celebrate the World IPv6 Launch? Share your plans in the comments section below.

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