The top tech blunders of 2012

From Oprah to Instagram, we look back at the worst tech blunders of 2012

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As the saying goes, pobody’s nerfect. And that was certainly the case for the technology industry in 2012, when some otherwise dynamic companies and visionary executives suffered some inexplicable lapses in judgement, from the unwise to the just plain unlucky.

From Oprah to Instagram, let’s look back at a few technology blunders from 2012 that all involved would like to get back. And let’s all resolve to get 2013 started on the right foot.


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  1. Not sure how you would categorize it — technology, management or marketing — but no list of 2012 tech tragedies would be complete without HP, which suffered the worst year of its long and storied existence..

    Steve Wexler / 10 years ago
  2. I considered HP because if the Autonomy debacle, but I decided that was a blunder that happened two years ago; it was just reinforced just how dumb it was last year. Otherwise, I wouldn’t point to any debacles in 2012 for HP. Just a year of trying to turn around the poor decisions of the past, and making slow progress.

    Jeff Jedras / 10 years ago