These Canadian mobile banking numbers prove everything

Statistics from ING Direct Canada show how quickly consumer attitudes towards managing finances via smartphone are changing. Check out our latest info graphic

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They’ve done it in the bathroom. They’ve done it in class. They’ve even done it while hunting.

Based on recently released data from ING Direct Canada (soon to be known as Tangerine), consumers are finally beginning to take the idea of mobile banking in directions no one could have predicted. What it does confirm beyond the shadow of a doubt, however, is that the concept is resonating with them. The ability to check balances, make transfers or even remote deposit has never been more attractive, according to a survey of more than 1,000 Canadians about their mobile banking attitudes.

We’ve laid out the key findings from the survey in the infographic below. Now that adoption is taking off, though, the next question is how mobile banking will transform banks internally, and how branches will evolve in the future. If it’s anything like the way customers are managing their finances, expect to look different than anything you’ve seen before.
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