This Cisco blog post provides a perfect cloud cheat sheet

An Allstream director of marketing gives Cisco Canada’s customers some thoughts about IaaS, UCaaS and other services which are moving into an emerging service model

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He knows his IaaS from his SaaS. He can easily discuss TPaaS and UCaaS. No wonder the likes of Cisco want to hear from him.

In ‘Crossing the Bridge: Five Cloud Services You Should Pay Attention To,” Allstream director of Marketing (and frequent expertIP contributor) Dax Nair gives an overview of how cloud computing is creating new opportunities for business. However he also recognizes the cloud requires some strategic decision-making:

Most applications currently consumed by companies through premise-based deployments are now available from the cloud. However, the appetite to avail of a cloud services vary from business to business and is often dependent on the type of service in question. While an overlay SaaS service may be perceived as a logical step forward, an IaaS service may be deemed disruptive to the existing environment.

Read the full post on the Cisco Canada Blog to learn which cloud service Dax describes as a “no-brainer,” which will address BYOD and more.
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