This low-tech video has taught more than 135,000 people about SIP trunking

It’s eight minutes long with questionable production values, but presenting this YouTube clip could convince almost anyone that the time for a new kind of voice has come

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The lighting’s not great. The audio is, well, audible. It’s a little long and there aren’t so much as opening titles or end credits. And yet this is probably the most popular backgrounder on SIP trunking that’s ever been created:

First uploaded almost four years ago, the clip was created by Michael Cavanaugh. His YouTube channel doesn’t offer much of a bio, but we’ve tracked down the details. He’s a Cisco certified instructor who has co-authored a number of technical exam guides, though it’s not entirely clear where he’s based in the U.S.

You could easily critique the clip’s production values, but apart from a compelling and search-friendly title, Cavanaugh’s video works because it’s as accessible as having a live person in a boardroom walking through the basics of SIP to almost any kind of audience.

Most network admins have grasped the potential of SIP trunking by now, but this kind of explainer could be what gets a transformation project green-lit by the CIO or senior management. Consider sharing it as a way to get the conversation started. Or just send them this blog post.

For a more in-depth (and better quality) look at this technology, watch the on-demand Webinar, SIP Trunking – Take Your UC Strategy to the Next Level

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