Virtualization is Reshaping Data Storage

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the IP news roundup, where you will find the latest headlines in virtualization, cloud and unified communications:

  • Virtualization is leading to a decrease in the number of data centres. A survey by IDC predicts that the number of data centres in the US will shrink from 2.94 million in 2012 to 2.89 million in 2016. “The most notable factor reshaping data center dynamics was the dramatic increase in the use of server virtualization to consolidate server assets,” says an IDC press release. “Virtualization and server consolidation drove significant declines in physical data center size and eliminated the need for many smaller data centers as applications were moved to larger central data centers.” However, the square footage of these data centres is expected to increase from 611.4 million square feet in 2012 to more than 700 million square feet by 2016, as larger data centres are needed to handle an increase in storage deployments.
  • Software defined networking (SDN) is changing the world of virtualization, but IT professionals must ask if it’s right for their organizations. IBM’s Midsize Insider blog reported on how SDN is “shaping up to be the front runner in the next generation of virtualization.” The post outlines three potential SDN paths and describes how midsize organizations can benefit from each path. However, since vendors and manufacturers are developing different SDN standards, the article also advises IT professionals to ask the right questions to determine if SDN is a smart option for their organizations.
  • Companies may be missing out on one of the key benefits of cloud computing. A Computerworld blog post argued that while companies are turning to the cloud for benefits such as cost savings, many are overlooking another major benefit – “unlocking the collective brainpower of your workforce and customer base”. The article goes on to offer tips on how companies can maximize their cloud investments and use the cloud to help their workforces become more collaborative, innovative and agile.
  • If you’re selling cloud storage, stress its value, not just its price. An article on the UBM CRN blog offered advice for providers that are selling cloud storage. According to the article, cloud storage providers should focus on evangelizing their product’s value, as “[c]loud data center decisions are now based on value rather than pricing and TCO is how value is being measured. Best cost-per-TB, watt-per-TB, TB-per-system weight and TB-per-square foot are the new metrics for managing better costs, performance, scalability and storage efficiency.” Be sure to check out the article for more tips on how to sell cloud storage.    
  • ITEXPO Austin session defines unified communications (UC) and what it can do. provided an overview of Blair Pleasant’s ITEXPO session, in which she defined unified communications as “a way for companies to improve business processes, enhance employee productivity, and reduce costs.” Also, “It is not a product – people cannot go to their local Best Buy and purchase a Unified Communicator – but rather, UC is a solution made up of many elements, such as messaging, collaboration, social media, and much more. A UC solution should offer a unified user interface; that is, access to all UC capabilities from a single screen or interface.”

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