Watch a proof-of-concept showing how ‘elastic bandwidth’ could work

A close-up look at how Allstream and Tata Communications showed the power of MEF’s recent standards for carrier services

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Managing bandwidth needs may never be as easy as stretching a rubber band, but this video shows how close we’re getting to that ideal.

At the GEN14 conference hosted by the Metro Ethernet Forum a few months ago, Allstream and Tata Communications teamed up to how how organizations could make sure they have enough bandwidth to support running apps like video streaming across carrier networks. The secret ingredients are a set of interfaces based on MEF’s recently ratified MEF47 Carrier Ethernet Services for Cloud Implementation Agreement.

Although the audio isn’t ideal in parts of the clip, Allstream’s Esra Dumanli, who appears in it, explained more details in her recent blog post about the power and potential of these standards.

The point here is probably pretty obvious: Allstream is taking the theory and making it real with another partner. It’s about helping to push the industry forward. This isn’t about today. It’s about tomorrow.

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