Watch WorldSkills capture the essence of network administration in just two minutes

The global youth competition wrapped up last month, but its efforts to showcase a critical role in IT departments is what’s truly winning

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Worldskills network administration

Yes, there’s a lot of people with their backs to the camera, managing inscrutable command lines with multiple screens before their eyes. And yet, there’s more to this recent WorldSkills clip than meets the eye.

For those who aren’t aware of it, WorldSkills is an annual competition for young people that recently took place in Sao Paolo. A young person from Korea won gold. Yet the real victory may be in this video, which shows the quiet confidence and work ethic of network admins, a wide range of responsibilities (everything from managing wireless networks to more voice and security) and even some gender diversity. Show this to friends and family if they want a quick and surprisingly watchable idea of what you do every day:

I also liked this summary of the network administrator’s position in organizations from the WorldSkills site:

The IT Network Systems Administrator may at some stage in their career specialize in user support, design, installation of operating systems or configuration of networking devices. Irrespective of this, work organization and self-management, communication and interpersonal skills, problem-solving, a dedication to research/keeping up to date with industry developments and a consistently methodical and investigative approach are the universal attributes of the outstanding IT Network Systems Administrator.

That sounds about right. Kudos to WorldSkills of not only defining excellence in a job like this, but in encouraging the next generation of talent to show what they’re capable of doing.




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